Firefighters and Paramedics

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Whether you are a police officer, a firefighter, paramedic, or other first responder, you know first-hand what it means to encounter emotionally difficult situations on a daily basis. You are or have been exposed not only to traumatic scenes, but you are also in constant contact with the negative, abusive, and violent side of humanity.  You also have to deal with the stress and pressure caused by the administration and the media. These experiences change most of us in ways we never envisioned when we first started serving the public. Depression, anger, anxiety, trauma related symptoms and addictions are common. These symptoms can be insidious and sneak up on us when we don’t expect it. We may not realize, or we may even deny, that our work has anything to do with how we have changed.

I have a unique background as a former police officer, detective, lieutenant, corrections officer and dispatcher. I retired”from police work in 2012 after over 20 years of service. After working among and alongside all types of public safety personnel for so many years, I have a deep desire to partner with first responders to explore what is contributing to, or causing, dissatisfaction, distress and disappointment.

With my background, I have more of an insider’s view and therefore may have a greater capacity than other counselor’s without such experience, to offer you the help you deserve. Your profession is a tough one that few people are courageous enough to face every day. It can leave wounds, deep wounds that can bleed over to our personal lives. Wounds heal better when some kind of treatment is applied, don’t they? I would consider it a privilege to partner with you in working towards a healthy, balanced life and a long productive career.