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If you are exploring this website today, you are probably ready to take the courageous step to get help. If you are a first responder, you run toward the danger where others run away. That is the attitude I would like to encourage you to adopt as you respond to the call to heal from the stress and trauma you have experienced. Moving toward what causes you pain is hard, but it often results in healing and growth.

If you are a first responder, you signed up to serve your community, have a purposeful and exciting career, and make a difference for others, but you didn’t sign up to lose your soul. First responders deal with the negative realities of life nearly every shift. No wonder you’ve changed! If not dealt with in a healthy way, the experiences of a first responder can lead to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cumulative PTSD, depression, anxiety and/or addictions.

Aquiline means – like an eagle. I chose this name for my private practice because eagles inspire me. Eagles are associated with wisdom, freedom, hope, courage, strength, resilience and healing. These characteristics are what I hope for you as you face your challenges. May you find the freedom to soar.

Is there a way to get back what you once had? My answer for you is YES. Working hard and processing through what you have experienced on the job and in other areas of your life will help you access the inherent resilience you have and reclaim the satisfying life you deserve. Learning new ways to cope with stress will help keep you healthy and support longevity. This is not to say you will ever be the same person you were prior to your career, but through something called post traumatic growth, you can actually be better than ever before.

If you are a veteran, police officer, firefighter, paramedic, dispatcher, 911 call taker, ER doctor or nurse, or other trauma survivor, I want you to know that there is help out there for you. Finding a competent mental health counselor who specializes in traumatic stress can help you achieve post traumatic growth.

In 2012, I retired from a 20+ year career in law enforcement. Having had my boots on the ground, I have a unique perspective compared to other mental health counselors. My passion is to help other warriors and survivors of difficult life experiences to heal and thrive! I would consider it a privilege to partner with you as you seek to improve your life!

My practice is not entirely reserved for first responders. I also work with adult survivors of childhood abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence and other traumas. You too, have the inherent capacity for resilience and the ability to heal from your past.

I see clients in person and via telehealth.  My office is located in West Seattle. 

Take care and be well!

Sandy Tudor, MA, LMHC

In 2012, I retired from a 20+ year career as a police officer, detective, and lieutenant. I was also a dispatcher, 911 call taker, and corrections officer early in my law enforcement career.  I have a deep desire to assist police officers, fire-fighters, paramedics, dispatchers, 911 call takers, nurses, public safety personnel, and military heros to overcome the cumulative trauma that they experience. Day after day, first responders (and those on the list above) are exposed not only to traumatic scenes, but they are also in constant contact with the negative, abusive, and violent side of humanity. These experiences change most of us in ways we never envisioned when we first started serving the public. Many first responders believe that a therapist will not understand what they go through on a daily basis. After 22 years, I get it! Being a first-responder is a tough job that few people are courageous enough to face every day. The experiences can leave wounds that bleed over into our personal and professional lives. Wounds heal better when some kind of treatment is applied, don’t they? Counseling is an effective way to treat these types of injuries.

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